Care Solutions for Common Cane Furniture Problems

If you own cane furniture, then you might as well understand what tiny headaches this gorgeous piece of furniture gives to the owner. However, it is the earthiness and the eco friendliness, which really appeals.

Most common problem with cane is that the wicker strands sag and weaken after sometime and split too easily. The furniture cannot withstand humidity or dry climates. In addition, it attracts lots of dirt and mildew.

Here are some solutions for common problems experienced with cane furniture:

Sagging strands

Apply warm and moist (not dripping) cloth on the underside of the sagging strands. Let the cloth and the strand air dry on its own. This might take couple of days. The strand would have shrunken back into place. Just see that nobody sits on the furniture until it is bone dry.

Mildew and fungus

Take a liter of water. Add few drops of a concentrated mild detergent. Add a teaspoon of bleach to this cleaning solution. Take a bristled brush, dip it into the solutions and start scrubbing on the affected area. This will fade the furniture a bit. To revert this, use oil based staining dye.

Dirty seats

Prevention is better than cleaning. Hence, use cushions on the seats. If you prefer to keep the furniture in its native form then follow the following cleaning regime once a week. Wipe with a dry cloth or vacuum or blow off the dust. Take a damp cloth dipped in mild cleaning solution and wipe. Dry it completely before use.

Broken seat strands

The only way to replace broken wicker strands is reweaving the entire thing. If you plan to weave on your own, try the traditional hole-to-hole method. This is the easiest to get the hang of, especially if you are a beginner. Talking about weaving is out of scope of this article, but you can find plenty of videos teaching you how to make your furniture from the scratch.

Fading and dryness

If you have been using your furniture as conservatory furniture, make sure not to leave it out in the sun for long. If that is inevitable, at least rotate the positions so that there is uniform fading and it doesn’t look like the furniture has a half face bleaching treatment done.

Chipped off strands

When the wicker strand is partially chipped off, it leaves sharp poking fragments. Use a sand paper to smooth this down. Another thing is that, if it missed the flesh, it will not miss the dress fabric. Why ruin a pretty dress?

Check your wicker furniture for any such problems. If any occur, then follow these simple solutions to rectify the problems to enjoy the earthiness and eco friendliness of this furniture.

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