Choosing and Maintenance Outdoor Furniture

We all know, not only indoor part of the houses, apartments, hotels and other buildings that need furniture. Outdoor space also needs furniture, even many of the houses, apartments, hotels and buildings that need outdoor furniture. Example, garden part of the house, need some garden furniture for it, and / or some part of the sidewalk need some furniture that we call it garden furniture. The furniture used for garden furniture must be the outdoor furniture. Beside those two places, terrace is the part of the buldings that also fulfill with lounge chair and small table just to have a relax while drink some tea and a cup of coffee.


There are some tips to choose outdoor furniture, garden furniture and terrace furniture in order to be adapted to ability and the needs of the room itself. Why we talk about budget, because Outdoor Furniture (Garden Furniture) especially made from combination of wooden and metal more expensive than Indoor Furniture. Since the material used is Weather Resistant.


Furniture used for Garden, Terrace and sidewalk have a different concept of design. Therefor we have to check and ask to the suppliers the best furniture for our outdoor space. After we received and applied the furniture in our outdoor room, we have also know how to maintenance, as there are some methods and ways to maintenance the outdoor furniture. Methods of maintenance based on the type of material used for Outdoor Furniture. If the material used is wicker furniture or synthetic rattan furniture, the best way to clean it up by using Vacuum Cleaner or paintbrush, and the best way to keep the wicker furniture long-lasting is, we put it outdoor or in garden just when we need it only, or put in in the room where there is no direct sunlight.


While for Solid Wooden Furniture (Solid Teak Furniture), the main problem is mold and mildew, how to remove these mold and mildew, by using hot water and white powder agent, mix it and flush it to the place where the mold and mildew appear then brush it.


While for the metal furniture, just in order to avoid any problems with rust when you order the Aluminium Furniture, Mid Steel Furniture or Iron Furniture, ask to supplier to use powder coating to cover the surface. In case you order for Stainless Steel Furniture, ask to use Stainless Steel 304 instead of 201 Stainless Steel.





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