How to Use Teak Oil

If you’re looking to refinish and waterproof some outdoor furniture you might want to consider using teak oil. It’s a natural alternative to commercial grade sealants and finishes. There’s really nothing to figuring out how to use teak oil. It applies just like any other wood stain.

The first thing you need to do is find a place with decent airflow. Since you’re working on outdoor furniture you might as well just do the work outside no? There’s no reason to risk your health around all the vapors when you can let Mother Nature blow away any nasty fumes. If you feel the need to work inside though be sure to have plenty of ventilation and wear a respirator.

The next step is to deep clean the wood. You need to scrub it down and make sure there isn’t mold or mildew built up. Let the furniture completely dry before starting to stain.

Now that the wood is ready for staining, give it a quick once over with a rag soaked in mineral spirits to remove any dust that might have gotten onto the furniture over night. While the wood is drying go ahead and stir up the teak oil and lay your brushes and rags out.

Since you’re working with a stain you’ll want to put on a pair of gloves before proceeding. A hand streaked with stain really isn’t that attractive of a look.

Now that you’re gloved up grab a brush and lay on a thick layer of oil to the entire piece of furniture. Be sure to apply heavier layers on areas exposed to direct sunlight. Stay away from any attachment hardware, you don’t want to streak the bolts with an oil stain.

Let the teak oil penetrate for 10 to 15 minutes. After times is up use a clean cloth to wipe down the entire surface. You don’t want to leave any pools of oil sitting and waiting to dry.

The furniture will need at least a full day to dry between stain coats.

You can add as many coats as you want. Each successive coat will bring a deeper more luxurious look to the wood. Just be sure to allow twenty-four hours in between each coat.

The great thing about oil is that it really accentuates any wood. The deeper the oil penetrates the more grain will be brought out. The oil will also develop new rich colors over time and exposure to weather. The longer the furniture sits outside the prettier it will become.

To maintain your finish in tip top shape, reapply it every year. You won’t need to go to the same lengths to prepare as these first few coats you’ve applied. Simply rinse off and let dry then reapply the teak oil.

Now you have the how to use teak oil know how. Just pick up a few cans from the hardware store. Grab a pair of gloves and you’re set to bring out the beautiful wood patterns hidden in your outdoor furniture.

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