Mahogany VS Teak Wood

Tropical hardwoods like teak and mahogany are seen as the people choice for the market today. There are few distinction between the two that can be a consideration when people want to fill their home with wood kind furniture. The main are mentioned here –

1) Shade / Color – Teak has yellow honey shade brown to dark brown colour. It turns soft, as silver grey when weathered. On the contrary, mahogany has golden to deep red brown of dark-colored wood.

2) Consistency / Grain – Mahogany and Teak wood have a alike texture. Teak wood is irregular with prosperous figuring whereas mahogany has a crude texture with strip figuring. Teak in general has a straight grain, but is wavy infrequently. Mahogany has straight or interlocked grain.

3) Robustness / Strength – The durability of teak is unquestioned for its resistance to any ambiance and anti-termite. It is more hard-wearing for furniture both in indoor and outdoor while mahogany has its lack for outdoor furniture as it has twisting strength, low rigidity and shock confrontation.

4) Maintenance / Upkeep – Teak is quiet uncomplicated to uphold because it’s weather and termite resistant. If using it indoors you might choose to simply dust it or even oil it to give it a spanking new look. Mahogany can be more monotonous to care for depending on whether it is indoors or outdoors.

5) Usage – Teak is for high eminence indoor and outdoor furniture. It is even used for building ships, deck railing and bridge manufacture. Mahogany with its silky grain composition is much enhanced suited for indoor furniture. It has been a well-known material for aural instrumental.

To conclude, Teak is not an particularly eye-catching timber but it offers very fine weather resistance both in indoors and outdoors. On the converse Mahogany is good for indoors on the whole.

Indonesia Outdoor Furniture by Hallo Dsouza

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