Papasan Chairs: A Thing of the Past or the Future of Interior Design?

Most adults these days have fond childhood memories of sitting comfortably in papasan chairs in their parents’ living rooms, perhaps while watching cartoons or reading a book under the light of a floor lamp. Back then, a lot of us really loved the papasan because it was so snug and comfy, especially with the thick and fluffy circular mattresses.

Today, however, we often see used papasan chairs being sold at ridiculously low prices in online auctions, or even thrown out into the alleys, free for anyone who may take a fancy to it. There are still several stores that sell the traditional chairs that are imported from Asian countries like the Philippines, but even these stores say that sales have dropped considerably over the years.

Does all this mean that papasan chairs are really just a fad from the seventies or is there still a bright future for them in the world of interior design? The opinion of the general public is quite varied but we can definitely say that these chairs are not going away anytime soon.

Despite the prediction of some people that the papasan will become the “Stair Master of the future” there are still a lot of Americans who like keeping this piece of furniture in their homes, and not just for the sake of hanging on to their past. Following are some of the excellent reasons why you might also want to include a papasan chair or two in your home:

Comfort – There are few other seating options that could even come close to the papasan chair when it comes to comfort. Whether you want to watch TV, read a book, chat with your friends or get warm in front of the fireplace, a papasan chair would be the perfect choice.

Low Price – Many furniture stores are selling new papasans for less than two hundred bucks. If you chance upon a special sale event, you can even get a brand new one for $50 or less. Second-hand papasans can be had for as low as $10 or even for free, since many people are giving up theirs in favor of more modern seating.

Aesthetic Appeal – They typically handcrafted from rattan and they have the unmistakable charm and splendor of nature in them. Oftentimes, a colorless stain is applied to the wood so the intrinsic beauty of the rattan is visible but there are also some that are stained with a darker wood color. The accompanying cushion also comes in all varieties of materials, colors and patterns so you will be able to find one that matches your personal style.

Light Weight – One of the most remarkable features of the papasan chair is its very light weight. Despite its adequate size, which is comfortable enough to accommodate any body size, the chair is surprisingly lightweight because the rattan does not weigh much at all. This makes it easier for you to move the chair from room to room if necessary.

Versatility – During the seventies when the papasan chair first became popular, they were only available in one basic design and size. These days, however, in addition to the regular chair that is shaped like a bowl and can seat one person, there are also two-seater papasan chairs that are oval in shape. These are known as mamasan chairs. There are also matching foot stools and tables to complete the set.

Some say that the papasan chair has become tacky over the years, especially when compared to the more modern furniture that had been introduced as of late. But with the right choices of fabric and a great eye for interior design, you can definitely use them to brighten up a room and actually make a space look more modern than it ever was before.

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