Patio Umbrellas Can Enhance the Look of Your Patio

Aside from their obvious functions as rain protection and UV screens, patio umbrellas can enhance the look of your patio furniture. You should be able to enjoy yourself outdoor without worrying about things like skin cancer and other harmful skin diseases. A patio umbrella is the thing you need. Some can provide shade to an entire picnic table. There are some that are adjustable at varying angles and others that have bases that stand away from the area and crane in to protect you. But most patio tables are made with support holes to fit a patio furniture umbrella.

Choosing the right outdoor patio umbrella includes considering the materials they are made from as well as if you need it to fit your patio table or if you want it to stand alone. You have to remember that it’s made for outdoors and will see some harsh weather at times. While they will fold down to a close position, unless you store them they can take a beating from the rain and other elements. You want one made from durable materials. Metal stands are available which is nice because you don’t have to worry about it warping like you do with wood. They are also weather treated so the canopy will last longer.

If you chose a standalone model a cantilever patio umbrella is always a good choice as it reaches over from its base into the area that needs to be protected so you have more room without the umbrella stand getting in the way. You can decorate your canopy with patio umbrella lights or fit a ring of lights on the support pole. These are fairly inexpensive and easy to install. If you need a stand a basic model weighs about 30 lbs. They can be made of cement or sand-filled plastic bases. They top out at around 60lbs for a large patio umbrella.

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