Top 10 Signs to Identify Genuine Teak

When you’re looking for loads of glamour, class and comfort, outdoor teak furniture can be your only choice! Undoubtedly, teak is one of the best types of wood to be used for furniture. However, it is crucial that you only buy genuine teak. All the benefits of teak become redundant if you end up with a clever fake. Why be sorry when you can ensure that your product is the real thing. Here are 10 signs that will help you identify genuine teak:

Country of origin:: Teak comes from very specific places in the world like Indonesia, India, Africa and Central America. If the teak furniture you are going to buy seems to have come from anywhere else, chances are that it may not be genuine.

Moisture content: Teak contains silica that prevents water absorption and retention, so the moisture content in genuine teak is extremely low. This is one of the factors that make teak resilient and durable.

No warping: Since teak does not retain any moisture, there is no warping of the wood even after a considerable period of time. If the teak is warped, it is certainly not genuine.

High density: Teak is a highly dense wood. This also makes it extremely heavy. Your outdoor teak furniture should look dense, heavy and sturdy.

Color of the wood: Teak wood has a very distinctive color, whether it is fresh or old and exposed. When fresh, it has a golden yellowish brown tint to it. If it is old and exposed to the elements, it turns into a very sleek silver gray which is easy to identify.

Smoothness of the grain: The grains of teak wood are fine and closely packed. This results in smoothness of the surface of the wood. If the teak looks coarse and not smooth to the touch, it is unlikely that it is genuine teak.

Oil content: Teak furniture can be made from different parts of the teak tree. However, the best part of the tree is its heart. Here the oil content is the maximum. You will know if the wood you have is from the heart or not by checking the knots on the wood. The furniture should have no visible knots.

Fragrance of the wood: Due to the high oil content in the wood, it has a very distinctive fragrance. If your furniture does not have any fragrance at all, no matter how old it is, it is most likely a fake. However, beware of artificial fragrance.

No chipping: Unlike many other types of wood, teak does not chip. If the piece of teak furniture seems to be chipped at the edges, it is most likely not genuine teak.

Price of the wood: There is no doubt that teak furniture is one of the most expensive wood furniture to buy. This is mainly because of its high quality as well as durability. However, if you suddenly find that you are getting a cheap bargain, then think twice as you may not be getting the real deal.

It is a pleasure to own teak furniture. It is one of those things that can be passed from one generation to another as heirlooms. Its quality will never diminish and its value will only rise. There is no doubt that genuine teak furniture is a great investment, even if it seems a tad expensive compared to furniture made of cheap wood and synthetic materials.

Indonesia Outdoor Furniture by Frank Welles

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