Teak Garden Furniture with Water Features

Increasingly popular, water feature now becomes one of must-have item to decorate outdoor spaces. Even now, variety of water feature are widely available even for indoor. Water feature believed has priceless therapeutic value to relieve our stress after busy days at work. Seat on teak garden furniture while enjoy the sound of gurgling water and […]

Garden Teak Furniture: Material Combination

Teak wood, Latin name Tectona Grandis, is one of strongest wood available in nature. For instance, if teak is used as ship construction then it will be durable for more than half century as the ancient proves.  From this, then teak wood is expanded the usage into building and furniture material. As furniture material, teak […]

Teak Outdoor Furniture for Gorgeous Patio

Creating the most comfortable place at home can be very easy either very confusing. It depends on what kind of places you need and want to be. Outdoor is always being a favorite place to all, because the space offers relaxing and comfortable place to use as seating or gathering area. Outdoor furniture selection used […]

Garden Furniture: Suitable for Outdoor Living

Homeowners who have a small or big space of outdoor, they always think to complete their space with outdoor furniture.  Whether it is a porch, deck, patio or garden, it is suitable to add more light to it by adding some furniture pieces.  By throwing some pieces, homeowners can drink a cup of hot tea […]