Wisanka Join IFFINA 2023

International Furniture and Interior Exhibition (IFFINA) 2023: Showcasing Innovation and Design Excellence in the Furniture Industry Introduction The world of furniture and interior design is constantly evolving, driven by innovation, creativity, and changing consumer preferences. One of the most anticipated events in this industry is the International Furniture and Interior Exhibition (IFFINA), a biennial showcase […]

Moving Overseas – How Can I Figure Out What Size Cargo Container I Need for Sea Shipping?

Are you moving to the Philippines or Ireland, relocating to the United States or Australia or returning home to India? If you are moving overseas to a new location or returning home after an extended stay outside of the country, chances are you may need international sea shipping services. Sea shipping is generally a lot […]

How To Choose The Best Patio Installer For Your Needs

Spring has finally come, with the opportunity for outdoor parties and gatherings – it’s time to find a patio installer to expand your outdoor living space while enhancing your backyard. It’s worth starting early… careful planning will take time as you will want to decide on designs and products. Good installers are often booked up […]

10 Ways To Use MDF Boards

With the advancement of technology, more and more building materials appear on the market. There are different types of MDF, which can be used in construction work and the finishing panels for finishing walls/ceilings or for making furniture. Wood panels are popular with designers, as this material is used for decorative paneling and window sills, […]

Lessons Learned Cooking in a Wood-Fired Oven

Despite popular belief, the owners of Patio & Pizza Outdoor Furnishings weren’t always pizza oven experts! We started just like everyone else with some (or maybe a lot of) failed pizzas and plenty of lessons learned. It was our passion for good food that drove us to improve our methods, and eventually share our gained […]

Gas Patio Heaters Provide Warmth For Outdoor Parties

For all outdoor heating, gas patio heaters are the best choice. Your guests will welcome the warmth when partying outdoors, besides providing an ambiance to the entire party which can very well be an envious thing for other people. The heaters are now available in a variety of models, brands and styles, but they all […]

Garden Furniture Covers Can Really Help Protect Your Outdoor Furniture and You Can Find Them Online

As much as we’re appreciating the weather right now, the UK has a tendency to change dramatically for no reason at all. If you have some beautiful garden furniture which you’re enjoying no end then you may want to consider buying some garden furniture covers to protect it during the winter months and the rain. […]

Why Choose Indonesian Teak for Your Discount Patio Furniture?

With declining supplies of tropical timber from natural forests, many countries are encouraging the development of new sources of tropical timber through plantation and farm forestry production. Teak is listed officially as a protected species. At present, commercial harvest of teak from natural forests is prohibited. Teak is relatively simple to grow in comparison with […]

No More Refill Worries With A Natural Gas Patio Heater

Buying things that come with refills is something we always try to do. Knowing that in our first purchase we already own the container, a refill then becomes a lot cheaper to acquire. What you are buying the next time around is more on the commodity that you need. We usually apply this principle in […]

Bamboo – Amazing Facts About The Strongest Woody Plant On Earth

Bamboo has a tensile strength superior to mild steel (withstands up to 52,000 pounds of pressure psi) and a weight-to-strength ratio surpassing that of graphite, bamboo is the strongest growing woody plant on earth. There is a suspension bridge in China 250 yards long, 9 foot wide and rests entirely on bamboo cables fastened over […]