Other Garden Teak Furniture

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Garden teak furniture always uses on the garden or outdoor spaces at homes, but in the present days the use of garden  furniture extends into various purposes, like in the restaurant. As we know, many of restaurants provide different ambiance to the customers, for example for couples, a restaurant with romantic atmosphere definitely a perfect […]

Outdoor Furniture Material for Garden and Patio

Garden and Patio Furniture Outdoor Material

Determining Outdoor furniture material is even more important than its style or design. Patio set will accommodate your needs of doing outdoor activities or just relaxing. Wide ranges of garden outdoor furniture are offered in many outdoor patio furniture stores and supplier. The furniture offered also varied in style, designs and material, which is adjusted […]

Wooden Outdoor and Garden Furniture

Garden furniture and outdoors is increasingly popular today, as many houses have them on the porch, patio or even backyard. Outdoor furniture becomes must-have furniture if you have outside spaces or garden. Garden furniture enhances either your garden or porch also provides comfortable place to sit or to do other activities, especially during summers, when […]

Range Garden Furniture

Beautiful Kansas outdoor teak dining set, comes out with one big rectangular din...

What else you need for your beautiful garden or patio? You definitely need garden furniture on it. Garden furniture collection presented by Garden Teak is ranging from various designs, size and material, so it will accomplish any kind of garden or outdoor spaces. Customers may adjust all the furniture purchased with their needs and taste; […]

Patio in Design

Accurate plan and design on the initial preparation is the key of having gorgeous patio at home. Other important thing is to know the purpose of your future patio. It is the key of what design should be applied and what kind of furniture appropriated on it. Patio is derived from Spanish word means backyard […]

Renew Your Teak Garden

This time begins to autumn in the four seasons countries, but different in the tropical countries, which still on the summer season. Summer is already gone and more people are lessening their outdoor activities. They prefer to stay and do their activities inside the house because of the cold weather. In this time, people start […]