Garden Teak Furniture after Summer

Summer has been everyone’s favorite from children to adult. Everyone prefers to be outside and do outdoor activities, playing on the playground, barbecue party, gathering with friends and family on the patio and other. On the other hand, when summer is over, many of homeowners put their garden teak furniture inside or cover them with […]

Garden Teak Furniture Cushions

For one who has backyard in their living space, there is one of the most effective and functional way to beautify the outdoor. It is to create a natural spot with make it green by plantation, trees and flowers in pot. Every person loves to have a relaxing moment and beauty of nature so that […]

Teak Furniture on the Personal Garden

Having untreated outdoor space at home may confuse every homeowner if having no idea to change those boring and dull spot at home. On the other hand, it can be an advantage to build a great outdoor space at home. First, think about how comfort is relaxing on the teak furniture with a glass of […]

Garden Teak Furniture and Its Natural Impression

Teak wood is called as premium material to produce as many objects for people’s life in daily activities. In ancient time, teak was made to produce as ship construction materials. As teak could last in a long time and durable, it is perfect as ship building material. Beside that, prove has been found that it […]