Technology Topics for Think Tanks and Radio Responses for Listeners Debated

Welcome radio listeners and online article readers. In fact, welcome everyone not only to this program but also to the future. Technology is changing the way we live each and every day in very profound ways. It is also constantly rearranging the free-market with disruptive technologies causing challenges for status quo old companies, employment, and […]

Rental Market in Mombasa

Although there is a high demand for rental properties, and rental costs are significantly higher in Mombasa, attracting good yields for property owners, the rental yields can be better. As more people move from interior Kenya and others from overseas countries into Mombasa city, either for work and business prospects, or to enjoy the white […]

Food and Drink in Mozambique

Mozambican cuisine falls into a unique niche in terms of where the cuisine has come from and where it is going to. Blending the best of Portuguese flair, Indian flavor and a twist of African ingenuity, the cuisine of Mozambique is a true treat for anyone. Beverages in Mozambique are what one would normally find […]

Microsoft CRM Lotus Notes Domino Connector FAQ

Microsoft Business Solutions CRM and IBM Lotus Notes Domino, being two groupware products from competing software development leaders, however could coexist within one organization computer network and even work together in collaboration. There maybe multiple reason why corporation would use both products: licensing, commitment to IBM Lotus Notes as legacy product, risk balancing – staking […]

Holidays and Festivals in Mozambique

Mozambique has a number of public holidays each year and these are broken up into national and regional holidays. Being such a religiously diverse country, you don’t mind many religions having their holy days officially recognized although the adherents of certain faiths will still observe these days. The number of holidays in a calendar year […]

Four Simple Steps to Control Your Scottie’s Chewing Habit

Are you getting desperate about your Scottish terrier’s new habit of chewing anything he can lay his paws on? Do you feel like falling on tears as you watch your shoes, your carpets, your sofa torn out by his destructive action? I’ve got good news for you: you can easily control the chewing habit by […]

Housebreaking A Backsliding Puppy Or Dog

Housebreaking leads the pack in terms of being the topic that I receive the most questions on, hands down. The key is really to make sure you are following a consistent plan. Consistency will make housebreaking your dog or puppy as simple as it can be. However, housebreaking is still tough. And it’s not something […]

Sports and Hobbies in France

Sports is a popular pastime in France with football, judo, tennis and basketball dominating the sporting arenas. France also involves itself in grand racing car events, bicycle racing also making its presence felt in the world of tennis and martial arts. Popular sports The most popular sports is soccer but the French have a known […]

Tourism in Mozambique

Mozambique is a beautiful country to get away too, with warm weather, great beaches and an allure that has not yet been discovered by mainstream tourism operators. There are a number of factors that have contributed to the lack of exposure Mozambique gets, however the country is starting to become more of a getaway destination […]

Building Types and Styles in Mombasa

More than 3,000 years old, Mombasa city has come into contact with numerous foreign and local cultures that have significantly influenced all the social, economic, political and cultural aspects of life here. As a result, these influences are apparent in the way buildings and structures are planned, designed and built. Although a major modern city, […]