Why Choose Indonesian Teak for Your Discount Patio Furniture?

With declining supplies of tropical timber from natural forests, many countries are encouraging the development of new sources of tropical timber through plantation and farm forestry production. Teak is listed officially as a protected species. At present, commercial harvest of teak from natural forests is prohibited. Teak is relatively simple to grow in comparison with […]

Care Solutions for Common Cane Furniture Problems

If you own cane furniture, then you might as well understand what tiny headaches this gorgeous piece of furniture gives to the owner. However, it is the earthiness and the eco friendliness, which really appeals. Most common problem with cane is that the wicker strands sag and weaken after sometime and split too easily. The […]

10 Great Ideas For Rustic Garden Furniture To Help You Choose Your Rustic Garden Furniture

One of the best ways, to add pleasure to your garden, is to add garden furniture. Whatever the type of backyard you have, it can be made more attractive with rustic garden furniture. Below are 10 ideas to help you choose which particular type is suitable for your garden. 1. Choose whether your garden will […]

Solid Wood Furniture: The Allure of Wood in Your Home

You can’t beat the quality of solid wood furniture. Why is solid American wood unbeatable as a raw material for handmade American furniture? Perhaps because if its endurance. Perhaps because of the way it is easily cut, carved and formed into virtually any item of furniture. Perhaps also because of its sheer beauty and glow […]

Wicker Furniture – The Good and the Bad

If you though that wicker was a natural fiber, you’re not alone. You’re also quite wrong. Wicker refers to the style of weaving materials around a frame to make furniture. This technique has been around for a long time. Even the ancient Egyptians used this style to make baskets out of reed and grass. So, […]

Low Maintenance Teak Furniture

In all likelihood you have heard of teak furniture and have wanted to know why it’s such a big deal. This article contains some simple info regarding the building material that seems a little mysterious, even has a weird sound to it, but dominates the market of outdoor furniture. Teakwood furniture is especially suited to […]

Outdoor Wicker Patio Furniture – Protecting Your Furniture From the Outdoors

Outdoor wicker patio furniture is very resilient, but the elements to take their toll. Taking the time to protect your furniture is the best way to make sure it lasts for years to come. On the other hand, you may end up replacing much of it every year if you just let it sit outside […]

How Can I Repair the Tear in My Patio Furniture Cushion Covers?

Picture this; It is a lovely morning and you are expecting some friends to come over later for a bar-be-queue lunch. You have everything prepared, all the drinks are in the cooler, or the cooking is set aside and you decide to pull out your patio metal furniture. All your tables and chairs, and as […]

Teak Garden Furniture Will Take Your Garden Furniture To A New Natural Level Of Wood Beauty

Having a garden means that you have a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors in a beautiful and peaceful setting. Garden furniture can enhance the experience if you have the right type of furniture for your garden. There is a vast array of garden furniture to choose from to ensure that you have the […]

Outdoor Patio Furniture – Perfect For Getting Your Deck, Porch, Or Patio Ready For The Summer

Tis’ the season to enjoy the warm summer weather, but if you don’t have outdoor patio furniture in place on your deck, porch, or patio, then doing that might be kind of difficult. Well, don’t fret because there are a ton of outdoor patio furniture selections to choose from, making it a synch to create […]