What Exactly Is Wicker?

First, what exactly is wicker? Most people thing that wicker is a type of material, such as a vine growing in the tropics. The materials used in what we call wicker furniture is either a flexible rattan, willow, bamboo, reeds or a synthetic fiber of polyethylene. The synthetic polyethylene fiber is known in the furniture […]

Quick Guide to Buying Patio Furniture Covers

If you want to add years to your patio furniture, you’ll definitely want to look into getting patio furniture covers to protect them. If you leave your patio furniture exposed to the elements year round, it will quickly erode to the point you’ll have to replace them. If you don’t want to spend a ton […]

Patio Furniture – No Patio is Complete Without It

You decided that it’s time to revamp your patio. So, you give it a face lift and now you have this awesome spot where you can go to relax outdoors. Well, hold up just one minute before you put your old patio furniture back in place. Ask yourself a few questions. Is it comfortable? Does […]

Mosaic Patio Furniture – Ancient Designs Are Popular Once Again

Every year the manufacturers of outdoor furniture find new ways to bring something unique to market. They do this by growing their collections and/or maybe just borrowing ideas from history. When it comes to borrowing from history a case in point is the currently popular mosaic tiled furniture. The art of mosaic dates back 4000 […]

Will Steel Patio Furniture Rust?

Steel patio furniture has gotten a bad rap over the years, largely because the furniture of the past was prone to rust, eventually turning an expensive set into a pile of dust. But today’s steel patio furniture is more rustproof, thanks to new production techniques, better primer and paints and improved maintenance and care methods. […]

Caring For Teak Wood and Shorea Wood Patio Furniture

Teak wood patio furniture and shorea wood furniture have very similar qualities and therefore can be cared for in very similar ways. Both woods contain a high amount of natural oils, making them very dense and durable. Their high oil content also makes them very resistant to moisture and insect infestations. Because of these qualities, […]

Finding the Right Patio Furniture – For Your Living Room Or Home Theater?

Your living room: It is the place in your house where you convene as a family after the events of a hard day to watch TV and relax. Many families have even migrated their evening meals from the kitchen table to the comforts of the Holy Temple of the Flat-Screen. No matter what you use […]

Create Outside Spaces For Your Patio Furniture

More and more people are thinking outside the confines of walls and rooms to designing an outside living space.Here is your easy how to guide to designing the best outdoor space for your patio furniture. Use these tips to create an outdoor living environment that you will love. Amazingly, many of the interior design and […]

Shopping for Outdoor Patio Furniture: Why Is Hanamint Cast Aluminum Furniture So Popular?

Maybe you have just moved into a new home or just expanded your outdoor living space, either way if you are shopping for new patio furniture you have likely seen the brand Hanamint in you search. Hanamint sells nationally from coast to coast and is in almost every patio furniture store. But why is it […]