Ipe Hardwood For Quality Outdoor Furniture

Once the facts about Ipe wood are known, it is easy to see why so many people are choosing this for their outdoor furniture. Ipe wood, pronounced EE-pay, is a tropical hardwood that grows predominantly in South America. Unlike Teak or Mahogany however, Ipe is can be easily grown in managed forests using responsible forestry […]

Variety and Durability: A Benchmark Of Rattan Garden Furniture

If you are looking for outdoor furniture either for your garden or patio you can depend on Rattan Garden Furniture as the best solution. The garden or patio’s ambiance will also depend on what type and style you choose for it. Garden or patio sets will be an add on to its beauty, therefore you […]

Indoor Furniture, Outdoor Furniture – What’s the Difference?

In the world of furniture manufacturing, there are companies that specialize in indoor furniture, outdoor furniture and between the two there is a limited amount of crossover. Outdoor furniture is built differently than the indoor variety, and while you can always use outdoor furniture inside, the opposite is not always the case. If you are […]

Papasan Chairs: A Thing of the Past or the Future of Interior Design?

Most adults these days have fond childhood memories of sitting comfortably in papasan chairs in their parents’ living rooms, perhaps while watching cartoons or reading a book under the light of a floor lamp. Back then, a lot of us really loved the papasan because it was so snug and comfy, especially with the thick […]

Introduction To Rattan Furniture

Wicker furniture is one of the most famous outdoor types of furniture. It can be used as indoor and outdoor furniture. It looks very attractive and gives a warm feeling. It is durable, practical and can easily be maintained. It is popular because of being comfortable and attractive. Wicker furniture is quite versatile. This type […]

Kid’s Furniture Made of Rubberwood

Rubberwood, also called parawood or plantation hardwood, is a product of the rubber tree which is grown as a source of natural rubber in countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Brazil. Rubberwood is one of the most environmentally friendly wood species in the world because most of these trees are grown in renewable rubber […]

All About Carter Grandle Patio Furniture

Recently, I had the opportunity of visiting a friend’s house who had bought a Carter Grandle patio furniture. I must admit I was taken aback with the quality of the materials and workmanship, so I decided to take a closer look at Carter Grandle furniture. Based out of Florida, Carter Grandle has been making fine […]

Indonesian Teak Furniture – A Brief Description of Teak Wood and Furniture

Teak furniture is highly sought after all over the world, not only because of their durability and longevity, but also because of their elegance, finesse and grandeur. Teak wood harvested from Indonesia is very popular because it is considered to be of the highest quality. Teak wood is a special kind of wood that is […]

Designing Better Futon Furniture

Furniture manufacturer often introduce new products and improve on them over time. The futon industry has followed this pattern as well over the years. The construction of a futon frame consists of several primary parts. They include a set of arms, rails, seat rack and back rack sections. Futon manufacturers vary the way they make […]