Why Choose Garden Teak Furniture?

For many years, garden was considered as outdoor space to forms nature with plants, trees and man made materials such bridges, paths, and gnome statues. However, nowadays garden not only natural display but also as an extended room of the home. To create a new set of garden, it can be done by furnishing the […]

Teak Outdoor Furniture and Private Garden

Having remaining space at home can be an advantage yet confuse you, if you have no idea to change those boring and dull spot at home. Well, first think about how comfort is relaxing on teak outdoor furniture with a cup of hot chocolate then enjoy the day with reading your favorite book. Probably it […]

Outdoor Furniture for Hospitality Sectors

Every rooms and areas of living spaces worth to be placed some furniture for their comfort. Furniture is one of main properties that makes living space more colorful  functional and one again comfort. Furniture is perfect for outdoor space such as decking, patio, backyard and porch as well. It completes the scenery into homeowner’s sanctuary. The […]

Modern Garden and Teak Furniture on Outdoor Living

Modern tropical garden is the best way to strengthen the natural look of tropical home architecture. The concept itself combines modern elements with tropical plants and trees to provide you distinctive style of green garden at home, which is combined with garden teak furniture. The garden is simple, whether its look and maintenance, yet beautiful. […]

Garden Teak Furniture for Children

When it comes to summer time then it is the best season that people mostly expected. Why is that so? Since they can spend more time outside, enjoy fresh air of summer and be more active at green space. If you have any backyard, though it is only the small one, it will be perfect […]