Bunk Bed Tent – A Guide to Buying the Right Bunk Bed For Your Children

Bunk beds are great space savers for homes that have two or more children sharing a bedroom. They allow each child to have his or her own personal space by having his or her own bed. These days, bunk beds have gone beyond the traditional stacked bed design. The bunk bed tent is an offshoot of the original, only this time, the bunk can be installed with a canopy to enclose it.

The canopy works like a tent to turn the lower bunk into a play pen or a camping area. It is great for rooms that combine the child’s sleep area with his play area. Just like the conventional bunk bed, a tent bunk bed also comes with guardrails and a ladder and is made of hardwood to ensure stability and durability.

There are two basic types of bunk bed tent: the single bunk and double bunk. The single tent bunk beds are much like a loft bed in that only the upper level is used as a sleeping area. The lower level is a play area around which the canopy is installed. This is a good option for kids who have a lot of friends who often come over for sleepovers. The child still gets his space and the other children will have a fun area where they can sleep and play.

On the other hand, the double tent bunks comes with canopies for both the lower and the upper bunk. This is an ideal choice for siblings who want to have their own personal space even when they have to share a room.

When selecting a bunk bed tent always consider models that have been tested and certified for safety and quality. It’s also important that the bunk bed can support an adult’s full weight without wiggling. This is a good way to test the strength of the design.

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