Furniture You Need in Your Man Cave

Many men are wanting to create their own space or man cave. They want a rustic kind of furniture that speaks manly. Well, there is a new kind of furniture. It is made from solid teak and is made to last forever. All of the teak log furniture is made from solid teak and the burl of the teak tree in Indonesia. The furniture is made from 500 year old teak. The workers carefully pick teak the roots which are the densest part of the teak tree. The burl of the teak tree is used for the seat and backrest area. They then begin to carefully construct each piece into a true work of art.

The furniture comes in teak tables,chairs and benches. The teak log furniture can be indoors and outdoors. If left outdoors the only upkeep that is really needed is to apply a liberal coat of teak oil each summer season. We recommend Watco teak oil. Teak has a natural oil content, very low moisture content and is very dense. There are only a handful of people selling teak root furniture and they are selling each piece for around $1,200.00 for each piece. You can buy for pieces from us for several hundreds less. Our furniture is made from GRADE A Teak Roots folks. You just cant beat it.

We have several satisfied customers! We are located in Maryland but can easily ship to anywhere in the United States. We sell teak root benches, tables, chairs, bar sets and much much more. We can also customize any size free. If you are a business selling furniture then you may want to consider selling this furniture. Perfect for cabins, resorts,chateaus and restaurants. Benches are $399, Chairs and tables are $299.The chairs are truly a work of art. Truly incredible furniture that is one of a kind.

Indonesia Outdoor Furniture by Mick Baldwin

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