How Can I Repair the Tear in My Patio Furniture Cushion Covers?

Picture this; It is a lovely morning and you are expecting some friends to come over later for a bar-be-queue lunch. You have everything prepared, all the drinks are in the cooler, or the cooking is set aside and you decide to pull out your patio metal furniture. All your tables and chairs, and as you are taking out the cushions from that precarious place, it snags on a nail and rips.

Now what? You are expecting company in a few hours and you are thinking, “how can I repair the tear in my patio furniture cushion covers?”

The worst scenarios are running through your head, what will your friends thing, how do you fix this, what if someone sees this?

While this is a huge inconvenience, yet with just a few quick tools you can rescue a potentially disastrous situation. First and foremost, take a deep breath, it’s not as bad as it seems.

Second, inventory the things that you will need. Primarily a needle, a polyester thread (both easily available from your nearest crafts store), possibly a piece of matching cloth or vinyl and a few minutes of time.

Depending on the kind of cloth used on your patio metal furniture cushion covers this can take from a few minutes to half an hour, but it is a fairly straight forward thing to do. We will look at both an easy tear and a relatively challenging tear.

  1. Take off the cushion cover.
  2. Turn it inside out
  3. Thread the needle with the polyester thread
  4. Pinch a few inches before the tear and hold it together.
  5. Insert the needle with the thread into the edge before the tear begins and start sewing across just like you were rolling the thread around something. Effectively the needle will enter one side of the cloth and come out of the other, then you bring it over to the first side and repeat.
  6. Do this once across the tear and when you reach the other end turn the cover around and sew towards the side of the tear you started from.
  7. Once there, know the thread as close to the cloth as possible and you are done.

If this is a bigger tear and requires additional piece of cloth, take a square piece of cloth and use it as bridge between the tear, follow the steps mentioned above to sew the piece of cloth, only repeat the steps on all four sides.

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