Mosaic Patio Furniture – Ancient Designs Are Popular Once Again

Every year the manufacturers of outdoor furniture find new ways to bring something unique to market. They do this by growing their collections and/or maybe just borrowing ideas from history. When it comes to borrowing from history a case in point is the currently popular mosaic tiled furniture.

The art of mosaic dates back 4000 years and is done by creating images or design with small pieces of colored glass, pottery, stone or some other material. Mosaic floors have been found in the ruins of 4th century Roman dwellings as well as the wall of ancient chapels.

History Repeats Itself

Fast forward to 2009 where consumers can now choose from a highly varied selection of mosaic tiled outdoor furnishings. Look for more choices in patio dining tables, bistro table fire pits and bakers racks. These items are popular because each one is handcrafted and no two pieces are exactly the same. Mosaic pieces also make terrific focal points because of the unique patterning.

Beautiful Designs

For outdoor living, many of the mosaic table tops use glass and travertine tiles. The glass used is generally stained glass that gets molded to a smooth finish. Tumbled marble and stones are also used in mosaic tables. The exquisite surface designs and patterns vary greatly from geometric style patterning to themes such as: hummingbird, laurel leaf, dragonfly, jardin, Morocco and many more. Other patio items that include mosaic craftsmanship include kid’s chairs, accent tables, umbrella bases, and fire pits.

Because mosaic tiled surfaces are crafted by hand they are compared to other materials, fragile. This is not to say that you can’t feel comfortable using the surface freely but during the off-season, take precautions and store your furnishings indoors: especially in freezing winter weather.

Indonesia Outdoor Furniture by Nicole Martins

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