Outdoor Furniture Material for Garden and Patio

Garden and Patio Furniture Outdoor Material

Determining Outdoor furniture material is even more important than its style or design. Patio set will accommodate your needs of doing outdoor activities or just relaxing. Wide ranges of garden outdoor furniture are offered in many outdoor patio furniture stores and supplier. The furniture offered also varied in style, designs and material, which is adjusted to the customers’ needs and preferences.

Garden and patio set is purposed for outdoor patio furniture use, so the material used should be able to resist the outdoor weather, even to extreme weather. Excessive heat, hard rain and snow enable to accelerate weathering of the furniture. Therefore, checking the quality and durability of the furniture before purchase will be very important for you.  Wide range of outdoors materials is able to be your preferences, from natural to synthetic materials. Each of materials brings different advantages and disadvantages also.

Garden and Patio Furniture Outdoor Material

Natural material like wood, bamboo and rattan are very popular as outdoor furniture material. It is common to find houses decorated with wood furniture or rattan patio set on their outdoor. However, not all kinds of wood can be used as outdoors, because outdoor furniture requires durability more than indoors. Teak is the most popular material for outdoors. It is even called as a king of outdoor. Teak wood has remarkable durability and density, either for its natural beauty.

Other materials used for garden furniture is metal and synthetic materials. Metal is the most durable and strongest material than others, because it will not decay. Metal is perfect for outdoor spaces with no roof to provide shade. The disadvantages is that metal is heavier than other and it need regular treatment to avoid it from rust and corrosion. Synthetic material perhaps is more affordable than other previous materials. Patio sets made from synthetic material is available in various bright colors selection. It will not available in any materials. It creates distinctive and modern looks on your outdoor spaces. However, the durability of this garden furniture is less than other previous materials.