Patio in Design

Accurate plan and design on the initial preparation is the key of having gorgeous patio at home. Other important thing is to know the purpose of your future patio. It is the key of what design should be applied and what kind of furniture appropriated on it. Patio is derived from Spanish word means backyard or back garden. Therefore, it means patio is an extension of home living space outdoor. Patio is the best place to hang out, or gather with family and friends; even you can hold a party on it if the space available is wide enough. You may adjust the decoration with the purposes of the patio. Here are some ideas to enhance your patio in accordance to its function.

Public patio, where the patio is welcoming all your guests and friends, should have wide space to accommodate more people on it. Beware of fragile decoration like glass lamp or decoration that easy to break, especially if you have large family with children. Use simple and comfortable furniture on your patio. Larger patio set with soft cushion on it would be very comfortable for everyone, or you may use swing to entertain your children or your guests’ children.

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Different from public patio, private patio require less space than the previous type. The patio is intended to be private place for the dweller, even it is wide enough but you still can feel the intimate atmosphere on it. Some simple furniture can be used on it; probably you want some sun bed or lounger like one on your favorite resort.  Bench made from teak as well bring natural and simple impression on it. You may enjoy the book you bought last week then accompanied with glass of lemonade. You name it; it is as if you owned your heaven on earth.

Patio is built without roof or shelter but some modified with shelter to give extra protection when rain or excessive heat of daylight. This kind of patio could be built on the backyard or garden. choose furniture in high durability, for instance teak garden furniture. garden furniture made from teak will enhance your patio with style, and of course it provides quality. Since it is put outdoor, the weather condition is certainly different with indoor, thus your patio need stronger furniture to resist the weather exchange and other elements. There might be other kind of patio, roof top patio, which utilize roof as green space. This type of patio suited for home living in big cities that limited land is an important issue. Therefore, landed home development is not possible.