Safety Rule 7-12mm Gap on Wooden Furniture

There is a process of checking on wood furniture products mainly for chairs and tables before the product is manufactured and marketed. Some furniture importing countries (mainly Europe) uses an international standard code with EN 581. Standards have several ‘chapters’ with different specifications.

Article 1, for example, provides rules on consumer safety standards in general. That is a guideline for manufacturers, designers until the technicians in the production room to consider the results of the product by considering the details of such a gap between the 2 sticks of wood, or ‘holes’ are formed because of the design and construction.

Sharp Edges

This rule tells us that every corner of the wood furniture that we make must be ‘clean’ of sharp corners that have the potential to injure your fingers or other parts when the product is used. For example, corner dining table need to be sanded a bit or made ’rounded’ for not too sharp.

Buyers will be very concerned about details such as when they buy furniture for their children where children’s skin is more sensitive to scratches.

Gap 7-12mm

Imagine there are two sticks in your seat is located parallel to, the gap between the 2 sticks of wood, which must pay attention to this rule. Considering the size of an adult human finger either Asia or Europe, the gap is NOT 7-12mm. It would be better so that the wider human finger into the gap will not be squashed. Or better less than 7mm for there is no possibility for human finger in and wedged in the gap.

Potential Positions

Some details of products which have the potential of this problem for example:

– Drill hole for the screw head screws into the wood

– Gaps between the bars on the window-bars of wood blinds, outdoor chairs, tables and other top.

– Gaps in the door with the side wall cabinet

– Distances between shelves table with table top table

In Indonesia (ed: consumer Indonesia) average still not pay attention to details such as the weakness of consumer protection here. Consumers more focused on price and aesthetics of a product quality furniture. For our export furniture industry, this knowledge will be greatly appreciated by the buyers and will provide added value for the entire production team and planning.

Another benefit is to the knowledge and application in everyday life. There will be good if we look a little more detail about aspects of safety on all furniture products in the home.

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