Teak Garden Furniture – Why Do the Prices Vary So Much?

Teak garden furniture is at the very top when it comes to outdoor furniture. It is made from a tropical hardwood species which is famous for being literally outdoor-proof and extremely durable. Teak has also a highly appealing golden brown colour that eventually changes into silvery grey which, however, is often considered even more beautiful because it gives the furniture a unique look. But the thing that makes it so valued is the fact that it is naturally resistant to just about all outdoor elements including termites and the effects of the weather.

Unfortunately, teak is relatively rare because it grows only in south and south-east Asia. As a result, the plantations in the Far East have to produce enough wood to meet both domestic needs and a continuously growing demand for teak in the West. And this can mean only one thing – relatively high cost of the end product. Investment in teak garden furniture pays off in the long term because it can virtually last a lifetime, requiring no care and maintenance whatsoever except for routine cleaning because unfortunately, it is not dirt-proof. On the other hand, it is possible to find teak garden furniture at very different prices which makes many people wonder whether the inexpensive pieces are a scam and if the expensive ones are really worth the price. So why do the prices vary so much? The truth is not all black and white.

It may be true that the price does not necessarily reveal the quality, however, finding high quality teak garden furniture at extremely low prices is nearly impossible. Inexpensive versions are typically made from inferior quality timber which can be easily recognized by the quality grade. Obviously, grade A refers to the highest quality wood which is just as great as promised because it is taken from mature heartwood (the very centre of the log) which is exceptionally strong and high in teak natural oils that make it so durable and resistant to the outdoor elements. Grades B and C, on the other hand, come from the outer sections of the tree and contain little or no natural oils at all. Furniture made from grade B and C timber is therefore unable to withstand the outdoor extremes if it is not treated with protective coatings and even then, it has to be replaced after a few seasons.

Quality grades, however, do not necessarily reveal the quality of teak furniture. With the rising awareness of the huge difference in quality between different grades of teak wood, some producers have started selling inferior quality furniture labelled as grade A, while the price is not necessarily suspiciously low. But since the difference between grade A and inferior quality timber can be seen at a first glance, low grade timber is often chemically treated to make it look like grade A. Fortunately, treated wood looks considerably darker than the “real thing” and most people easily distinguish high quality and imitation of quality.

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