Wicker Furniture – Advantages and Disadvantages

The term ‘wicker furniture’ is quite misunderstood. To many people, wicker refers to a material. They believe that wicker furniture means furniture made from natural material. In reality, wicker is a method that is used to weave certain material into furniture. It’s true that the furniture is usually made from natural materials like rattan and some kinds of bamboo. But wicker is not equivalent to natural furniture.

Wicker furniture is generally made of rattan. Rattan is an amazing vine. It grows naturally in places that are warm and dry. It is hardy but it becomes soft when it is heated. This allows it to be weaved using the wicker technique to form different varieties of furniture. When rattan is heated, it is bent and given the desired shape. Once cooled, rattan sets in the required shape and becomes hard and stiff.

The furniture therefore has a number of advantages. The most important element of its attractiveness is its looks. The natural, earthy look is well suited to most outdoor spaces. In most patios and outdoor settings, this natural look creates the right ambiance. The fact that wicker furniture is generally made from natural material also adds to its attractiveness. Environmentally conscious people therefore opt for this furniture whenever they can.

Durability is another major plus factor. Since wicker furniture is generally made from rattan and because rattan has amazing strength, the furniture equates to durability. High quality furniture can last well over 15 years, by which time you would opt for a furniture change anyways.

The furniture generally need little to no maintenance. They are made for extreme weather conditions. However, the furniture made from natural material has to be protected from moisture and wetness as these may be susceptible to mold attack. Even so, a little care is all that you need to make your furniture last. If they are dusty, they simply need to be wiped by a cloth or dusted off before they look as good as new.

Wicker furniture is steady and therefore safe for children. Unlike wood, which looks solid but can cause accidents if children clamber over them, the furniture pose no threat to inquisitive little hands and feet. Because they are lightweight, they are easy to transport.

These days, you have wicker furniture made from synthetic material too. Recycled plastic or resin may be used to make the furniture. Synthetic furniture is not only inexpensive but stylish and highly affordable. They are long-lasting too!

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